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If you're looking to earn some Bitcoin then join up over at Cointiply Bitcoin faucet. Hit the faucet every hour for small bits of Bitcoin. You can withdraw once you hit $50 worth -

Want a little ? Join me over on faucet and grab a little each hour. Multiple it in the dice roll, bet on sports, enter the raffle and be rewarded by me weekly if you're a loyal faucet player by using my link below

I'm hooked on 303: The Bigfoot Lights on Castbox. Check out this episode!

Come watch The Cybergrinder blast on some baddies in The Division 2. He's right now. Go show some 💘

Hey everyone here's another bitcoin faucet I am a member of. It's been around for a long time and the site has some nice features. Earn up to possibly $200 worth of bitcoin every hour from the faucet (disclaimer-there's a small chance of winning $200). You will also earn interest on your balance every day. If you join using my link they also allow me to reward active users once a week for loyalty. Really neat faucet and another way to earn bitcoin if you're interested

It's Sunday grinding time. Come watch Cybergrinder blast some baddies as her plays an awesome FPS.

Great news from Bittrex! This makes it much easier to convert from USD to $LBC and vice-versa


New Market Update: The $ETH-LBC and $USD-LBC markets on are now open for trading.

For more information about $LBC, visit



Al Gore didn't invent LBRY and had nothing to do with


This day should be an eye-opener for all. The thing that happened at the Capitol building doesn't warrant the bringing in of near 30,000 National Guard. This is all a show. And it's a show of force. We don't own anything on Capitol Hill. Our government isn't ours anymore. The only thing we have now are our states, cities, and communities. Time to start focusing more locally and taking care of each other.

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