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Been trying out Mojeek a private , I really like how it only has its own indexing engine but sadly the results aren't as developed as Google's or Bing's but for people who use search engines causually it has great privacy (although the UK's privacy laws are not great). I love how they provide results with less big tech bias and I also love how they use the UK's greenest data centre. I will post a full review on of mojeek soon so keep your eyes on my mastodon ;)

Check out Creator of The Week #92! This CoTW does Linux and open source content. Congratulations to
@geotechland! :

Check out Creator of The Week #87! This CoTW does bass covers and this post goes into my detail about the creator's covers. :

I really hope Epic don't integrate DRM into Bandcamp downloads. If they do there will be zero reason to get songs from anymore in my eyes:

are getting lots of app store downloads in as the government censors the internet (and also because of sanctions placed on Russia by other countries).

Interesting to see this version of Chrome OS by Google for standard PCs. Cloudready basically use to do the same thing before they were bought by google

Great Microsoft want make you have to use one of their accounts to setup Windows. Another good reason not to use windows.

This really doesn't surprise me. Most apps harvest and sell people's data (especially free ones which aren't open source). I would suggest you use adblock on Wordle now.

The LBRY community podcast is cancelled this week but I will be doing an LBRY news live stream today at 2pm ET (the same time as the community podcast usually is). I will be discussing the news, creator of the week and more. You can come along and join me:

@session Its so funny how you guys added profile metadata on mastodon 😂

I am a bit worried about what LBRY is saying about taking out features from the desktop app but overall I think the announcement of the split of LBRY inc and Odysee inc is good.

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