what the reports (1) vs. what happened (2, 3, 4)

the media is a disaster and keeps us divided

the web 3.0 revolution is one of unity, not division

can anyone think of a reason why the NYT wouldn't mention the massive surge in support from Taiwan🇹🇼? 🤔

@lbry its always the case its either ignorance or on purpose and if it is on purpose its prob because they want to control the narrative in a way that will confirm the bias of their readers/sponsors.

@lbry moral bankruptcy? political ineptitude? maybe economic disincentives ( :nanachi: ) ? could also be from being written by a tech illiterate fuckup that just wants to bring in adbux.
@lbry styx is literally the only person i know of on lbry that is openly a trump supporter.
I dont suppose the New York Times provided any sources, did they?

@lbry on an unrelated notice, please add support to transcoding and enable lower video qualities as it will enable a wider audience with slower internet speeds to use your platforms.

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