censoring the world's largest and most popular repository of scholarly research is as or more unconscionable as anything else that happened today

(and to think we nearly missed this among everything else!)

Holy crap, how did I miss this? I have a slight feeling that a soft-spoken, but sure, wave of bans in accounts is to follow now.

@kzimmermann @lbry It was on hackernews this morning before everything else.
@lbry it touches copyright, and we all know that the copyright on scientific papers is the single most important thing in the world to keep those publishers afloat. This also is the ideal time to go after things like this that actually are quite popular because, well, Trump is the news. Again.

And yes, it makes me a massive hypocrite because I never published open access (Other journals are better) but that doesn't make it a good model.
I never used Twitter, let us meet in Fediverse.
@lbry good. Show the world how insane you are so the exodus accelerates!
@nik @lbry Still a case of the same general principle, and still worth lamenting

@lbry any reason why sci hub was suspended? Don't they just tweet links to articles??

@lbry @ItsJenNotGabby
Granted I'm not "in the know", but my first and foremost hypothesis on the issue would be, much like the Presidential banning, more as a public statement and show that it could be done than anything else.

A "soft" handed public deceleration of power and the nature of "real" governing authority.

But again, that's just a hypothesis.

Personally wouldn't be surprised if similar actions begin to surface soon on DNS addressing.

@alien23 @lbry right but there was a clear purpose to the banning of Trump. What is the purpose here?? We obviously need MORE access to science given the amount of Covid deniers/anti maskers/anti vaxxers; we don't need Trump and his verbal diarrhea fomenting violence because his ego is bruised.

@lbry @ItsJenNotGabby as noted, my hypothesis of purpose is
"A 'soft' handed public deceleration of power and the nature of 'real' governing authority."

The deceleration in and of itself has little to nothing with whether or not one happens to agree with the opinion or view of the acting power of governing authority and more just to do with letting be known who/what's in charge.
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