the lies they tell to justify their behavior are public and well-documented

America has become such an idiocracy that headlines like that are believed by the retarded, drugged and vaccine damaged public
@lbry Everyone with half a brain knows tyrants always want to silence free speech and will use any excuse to justify it. No, you can't have our free speech or our guns. Get fucked.

@lbry censorship of one becoming an excuse for all. These are scary times.

@lbry Next they'll go hard core Canada/UK/Australia on the right to assemble .. forget we praised BLM, now they're bad and spread the virus. Our constitution is going to continue to be eroded over the next few months. You will have fewer rights, you will own nothing, and you will be happy because if not, we'll reeducate you.

@djsumdog @lbry i thought that was the reason about cloud tech and curiously the pandemic came in the right time to impulse it... Pretty convinient, right? :blobcatcoffee:

They whan slaves convinced that they have real freedom owning nothing when the real truth is you are a slave.

@sim @lbry I doubt that's what they'll push for. With how they're declaring everything other than mainstream media "fake news" and discrediting them, they probably want free speech to be removed for everyone but licensed journalists. I've seen some people propose "free speech licenses" for journalism, or claim that only journalism should be covered by free speech laws before.

The mainstream media are just puppets of the corrupt elite. When free speech is banned, it won't harm them, because they're nothing but propaganda outlets. They want to crush all opposition and any ability to go against their narratives. They want complete and absolute control.
@galena @sim @lbry
> our democracy
the thing america never had by design :blobcatfingerguns:

it's a republic, if you can keep it.
@galena @lbry @sim i think the "america = democracy" meme is one of the greatest frauds democrats have perpetrated. people honestly believe we have one of these.

we don't.
@sim @lbry The illusion that they're impartial and unbiased is important to keep up the ruse. If there was only a single state owned broadcast, most people would realize it's bullshit. With the current setup, people watch CNN, MSNBC, and maybe a bit of Fox, then think they have a complete, unbiased, and multifaceted view of politics from all sides. On top of that, the mainstream media is calling for social media censorship. That helps kill off the alternatives to mainstream news sources, forcing people to use them.
@sim @lbry Personally I think it's all about appearances. It's about keeping up an illusion that we have free speech while stripping it away. Consider privacy as an example. Americans do not have any privacy. The government spies on literally everything. Snowden's leaks confirmed this. But Americans love their illusion of privacy. Look at privacy settings on Facebook, people pretend they have private info there, when Facebook spies on everything they say or do. Look at all the tracking all over the web. There is no privacy. But hey, buy NordVeePeen to protect your privacy from malicious hackers! Hackers are trying to spy on you!!! You need to protect your privacy!!!

The slaves who think they're free are the most complacent.
@lbry They're right, but for the wrong reasons. Commies and other subversives have been using the 1A to justify not being shot for their degenerate, anti-social bullshit for decades. We should have ended it more than a century ago.

Imagine how much better off we'd be if, instead of letting a bunch of dried up whores cry in the streets about voting, we hanged the suffragettes en masse.
@lbry Perhaps someone should ask them if they've considered that democracy, not the first amendment, could be the problem.
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