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Google banned LBRY Android from the Playstore without warning and for contrived reasons.

This video details their exact communications, reasoning, and hypocrisy.

We believe we are being targeted due to big creators fleeing YouTube for LBRY.

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🐦🔗: twitter.com/LBRYcom/status/130

YouTube allows pedophilia and animal torture.

But they banned our app, purportedly for a comedy sketch with non-pornographic, non-nude simulated sex.

Google is either scared by how many creators are fleeing to LBRY or mad the woman in our sketch was an adult.


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If you can spare a minute, please reply to some other people just discovering how terrible YouTube is

Let them know they can join odysee.com for a better experience (a channel can be synced when you sign up)

(if you're used to spreading lbry.com/youtube as a sync tool, you can now just tell creators escaping YouTube to create an account on odysee.com)

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