Google banned LBRY Android from the Playstore without warning and for contrived reasons.

This video details their exact communications, reasoning, and hypocrisy.

We believe we are being targeted due to big creators fleeing YouTube for LBRY.

Please share 🙏

@lbry maybe try being an independent platform like Bitchute that doesn't depend on the blessings of big tech.

Bitchute still has a playstore app tho

I'm sure they will be next probably

@dielan Bitchute by far has more users, content, etc., and their front page usually has edgy if not controversial content.

If google isn't taking down Bitchute, but is taking down @lbry , then maybe there's another reason.

I think google is using automation to review and takedown apps.

Kinda like how all the fedi appdevs all got notices on the same day to update their apps. I dont think any of them made any changes and the apps are still up.

Automation gone wrong? Too convienient for google's self interest to correct?
I didn't know they were even on fdroid until I heard about getting banned from play store this morning. Reinstalled from there and works just fine lol
@lnxw37a2 @lbry
@jeremiah @dielan @lbry

I am the Lord thy Silicon Valley. Thou shalt have no other gods before me.

@lnxw37a2 @lbry i was referring to depending on the app store. I knew Bitchute primarily as a website, but I have no idea whether they have more app or web users.

@lbry thank goodness for PWAs, they let you get around this crap.

@lbry War on decentralization.
Fedi apps being banned, as well.

@lbry Looks like it's time to get LBRY Android on @fdroidorg so this crap doesn't happen again.

@lbry Exactly a day after I decided to completely ditch YouTube and use LBRY instead. Think I made the right move.

@lbry why is it OK to create an app an place it inside the competitor garden? and then complain the rules are not fair? all of this is so weird to me. do your thing, f&%# google.

@epical @lbry Android and YouTube are not the same company. They're owned by the same company, but Vimeo is also on Play Store without problems.

@lbry Distribute on F-Droid to mitigate these issues. There's *so many* FOSS projects that don't distribute on it for unknown reasons.

@Protomail has put together a coalition to fight this sort of thing, maybe worth joining?

@lbry thank God for fdroid ,I was worried I wouldn't get my LBRY fix .

@lbry Fuck Google,you don't need their censored spyware platform.F-Droid is better anyway.

@lbry the BS is why I'll never buy an IPhone. With Android there is at least @fdroidorg. I still hold out hope for a Linux phone to replace my Android phone but I'm not holding my breath.

@lbry I guess it kind of had to happen at some point :/

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