The image on the left was cited by Google as why LBRY Android was banned from the Playstore.

It's a comedic scene without explicit nudity, in a skit written by Hollywood writer @[email protected]

The image on the right is from a film still available via the Playstore.


The name of the short film LBRY Android was banned for is "For the Record", you can watch it here:

There is nothing in this that is pornographic. Google is just getting scared of us and going to begin pulling out all the stops.

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@lbry comedy is a no no but apparently child porn isn't a no no ? makes no sense
@Jessica @lbry You just don't know about life and stuff like /we/ do. I bet you don't even know what an Intersex is. Check your privlege, you aren't a part of the in-group whom have discovered this. Trust us, we have our own language, our own customs, and realize that White Suppremacy of Orange Man is the result of the problems of the world. Let the children have body positivity. Not only should Cuties go on, but they should also add a fat lesbian to the mix, potentially a Mexican Immigrant. That'll change the world.

@lbry It’s true Google is taking advantage of sex hoarders, in order to get away with engaging in anti-competitive practices. But this army of greedy bastards that Google is hiding behind don’t care if it’s pornography or not. They want all sex to be unavailable at all times, except for them of course.

Incidentally it’s also here

@lbry Kinda pathetic tbh, recently ago, a bunch of fediverse apps were banned from the play store, reason being that they allow you to access hate speech sites? That’s literally google chrome unless you want the browser to be authoritarian.

Horray, so #LBRY is finally complete. We have been waiting (it seems like) years for it!

Is it #libre? If so you'll be able to put it on F-Droid.

Hot sauce!

Thanks for the heads up.

Looking forward to visiting the #LBRY! :)

@lbry I guess your video just wasn't sexy enough to be allowed

@lbry is the image on the right allowed on LBRY?

@lbry Its fake. Read up on your Dale Carnegie. Everything has a real reason and the fake reason that is politically correct so people don't judge you.
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