would you watch a 4 minute lecture from this lady just to have permission to watch a movie?

you now have to on HBO, at least for some movies like Gone with the Wind

it's not just suggested, you literally cannot skip it

it's weird to have your competitors help you succeed but we're not mad

@lbry Wow, I wish I could skip... an important message that contextualizes the racial implications in a text, allowing it to be enjoyed without concern.

@lbry I'd mute it and go take a leak and grab a beverage. Hopefully she'd be gone by then, and if not, I bet I have a drill bit that can reach my frontal lobe

@mguy3790 @matrix @lbry @sjw @nostradamust @Mitsu so it says, if you watch something on HBO you must watch this woman's something annoyed political fuck, am I correct?

@mimorinka @matrix @lbry @sjw @nostradamust @Mitsu Yes. You have to watch her in order to watch the content you want to see.
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