Creators like @BryanLun[email protected] understand the benefits of LBRY, which is why the platform is growing so fast! 😍

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For the first week, Linux Sucks 2020 is *only* available via LBRY.

Why? @[email protected] is simply a good fit -- open source and DRM free. And I want to encourage folks to use good, freedom respecting services.


If you are or know a reporter covering this story, please reach out to us or our CEO @[email protected]

LBRY is one of the fastest growing alternative technologies in the world and was designed to solve the problem of platform neutrality

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Any order by the President attempting to force neutrality from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube is a mistake

It replaces one arbiter of truth (@[email protected]) with another (Congress)

America has the most powerful technology sector in the world!

@[email protected] let competition settle this!

LBRY stands for justice, knowledge, and freedom!

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All YouTube and Twitter are fighting for is maintenance of a broken status quo

They don't care about truth, rights, or ethics

All they care about is money

If they somehow existed 100 years ago, they'd be deleting and flagging posts saying black people deserve equal rights

LBRY Exclusive from @[email protected], where he interviews the eccentric John McAfee (and he doesn't disappoint!) During our paid content rollout, LBRY will be refunding up to 15 LBC per item.

Fact check round 2

The LBRY blockchain is made of bananas

Craig Wright is Satoshi

YouTube respects creators

Check out @[email protected]'s video Linux Sucks 2019 - The Lost Recordings. Paid content is live and we'll refund up to 15 LBC per purchase!

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People are complaining that top social media platforms are banning good content. So, is the solution to regulate existing platforms, as many elected officials want, or start one that doesn't censor content and allows viewers to decide?
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You can take a look at @[email protected]'s urban garden on LBRY. He's an early adopter of paid content on LBRY, and we'll refund up to 15 LBC of the purchase price during our launch.

We'd like to thank our excellent community contributors like @[email protected] for making LBRY growth soar in recent months. Every day more folks are hearing about!

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Wow @[email protected] 7000 followers, it just doesn't stop! Thanks again to everyone supporting me :)


Check out Bryan @[email protected]'s video Linux Sucks 2019 - The Lost Recordings. Paid content is live and we'll refund up to 15 LBC per purchase!

Check out Bryan Lunduke's video Linux Sucks 2019 - The Lost Recordings. Paid content is live and we'll refund up to 15 LBC per purchase!

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I'm👏🏻 Finally👏🏻 On👏🏻 LBRY👏🏻

Thanks to the @[email protected] community for being so welcoming!

You can check out my channel here ➡️


This is the person Twitter trusted to unilaterally edit the President of the United States 🤦

Should people like this be able to edit or delete anything you ever say?

It's the same at Facebook, YouTube

Use LBRY today

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This person is the “head of site integrity” at Twitter


Today only it is acceptable to ask when moon

Go @[email protected] go 🚀

Mr President, please support the companies and technology that enable free speech

Do not use your might to crush the turncoats

Instead, support the alternatives

Competition is the America way 🇺🇸

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....Twitter is completely stifling FREE SPEECH, and I, as President, will not allow it to happen!


we would like to apologize to YouTube for past criticism

censorship typos are a common programming error

you go to add a new feature but you put a semicolon in the wrong place and *whoops* banned everyone critical of the CCP

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YouTube confirms it’s accidentally been deleting comments containing two phrases that insult China’s Communist Party


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