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great job @[email protected] traffic blew up last week!

200K active users on Wednesday 🤩

300K active users on Sunday 🚀

kinda scary how steep the growth looks


🐦🔗: twitter.com/lyoshenka/status/1

here's a link where you can get it for now

crazy that we're using Chinese sites to escape American censorship


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our YouTube sync tools will be unaffected

but if you're on YouTube, you're in danger

sign up at odysee.com to sync your channel today (it's now part of the sign up process)

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youtube-dl, the most popular project in the world for backing up YouTube content, was just taken down

make no mistake -- YouTube wants to keep you trapped

and when they decide to ban you without warning, they don't want there to be backups

about 1 year in LBRY had 60,000 publishes

we now see that in 1-2 days

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and we're building faster than ever before 🔨🏗️🏰

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any OGs around that used the UI before channels even existed?!

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Omg... if Biden is elected, he's going to make our big windows into small windows. 🤪

not your keys, not your publishing identity

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I have been evicted from Facebook. No explanation. No appeal. I have downloaded "my information" and see nothing that explains it.

We are governed now in private, by entities that make their own rules and are answerable to no process. Disaster is inevitable. We are living it.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/BretWeinstein/stat

Unsure on how to talk about Odysee vs. LBRY? Check out these tips 🌟

tl;dr - most of the time you should just introduce Odysee


web upload cap was increased to 2GB 📈

LBRY is designed so that your publishing handle can never be taken away from you, even by us.

Every journalist and every newspaper needs LBRY.

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Day 3 @[email protected] account access has not been reinstated.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/EmmaJoNYC/status/1

We promise to never meddle in an election.

We promise to make this technologically impossible.

And remember, LBRY is the *only* service that can literally never become YouTube:

- All code is open-source
- Locally controlled/owned identity ()

Every other company has risk of becoming another big tech oppressor. Only LBRY can not!!!

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Another wave of bannings from CableTube today

Seeing so many people spread the word at LBRY - thank you!

Please keep telling everyone that we can keep all YouTube content safe forever with one click (it's part of the odysee.com sign up flow, no special page needed)

Imagine being so arrogant as to believe making a popular website means you should be the judge of Truth for the entire world

obey your social media overlords and vote

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Which of these coins would you like to see supported by XLite wallet first?

🐦🔗: twitter.com/BlockDXExchange/st

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