(we're not endorsing this video, we haven't even watched it)

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[email protected][email protected] was arrested, apparently for releasing this video called Shadowgate


as far as we know the only copy of this video is on LBRY

try typing lbry.tv in your browser then hitting Tab

it's the one weird trick big tube doesn't want you to know

If Snowden released his leaks in 2020, YouTube would ban them

Today the safest way to release information about powerful people is LBRY

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US District Court Judge John Koeltl in SDNY recognized WikiLeaks and other media organizations have First Amendment right to publish materials allegedly hacked or stolen.

YouTube's pledge to censor such content undermines the First Amendment.

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If your phone doesn't let you install custom software, you don't own your phone

Cool community contribution: an extension that allows you to easily track LBRY's token, LBC.

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LBC today extension now available at Chrome Web Store and Mozilla Addons !! You can have a LBC price feed on your browser



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Change Our View: the ability to turn off replies mainly exists to squash debate, disagreement, and criticism


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Today we joined industry peers and US government partners as we work to counter shared threats to the online public conversation ahead of the 2020 US Elections. Our joint statement. πŸ‘‡ twitter.com/Policy/status/1293

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@[email protected] I think mobile mode got the best improvement from this upgrade. Can now see the list of channels in the sidebar!

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Banano is giving some Banano Coin for checking out LBRY! Additionally, we may have kicked in a couple LBC for Banano users who look closely... 🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌

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