@Madiator2011 Not the pi - look at the timeline in that photo - your mastodon.social Toot is showing here.

@Madiator2011 we can set the Cloudflare to passthrough - would that fix it?

When do you think we should turn on the federation, @Madiator2011

@MeattyOkra I had no idea it was blockchain based. The main issue is there are so many social media forums, it's hard to keep up with them all.

@MeattyOkra I've never used MeWe before. I see they're in Los Angeles, pretty close to me (relatively speaking).

@Kamots we will be soon! We just stood this server up today. 😀

Welcome all newcomers to the LBRY Foundation Mastodon server! We just started this, so if you have any issues or find something that isn't working, let us know.

@michaelmitnick Our server, we control our content. Twitter can censor, and this is another way to get our news out. No advertising, too.

Think of this as a Twitter that is only LBRY. You can also follow other Mastodon servers/communities.

We have this set up so anything that's posted on the LBRY Twitter will be posted here simultaneously.

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