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Hey community! If you want to support my work fell free to tip to my Quadratic Funding proposal every single tipped LBC is welcome :)

Hey people ask me where to watch Freefonix! What should I tell them ?

Hey your website is broken!

Hey did we give up on all projects?


Looking for a workout that’s fun, fast, and intense?
We are giving away 5 keys for 🎁

Just 🔁retweet & ✅follow to enter the !
We will announce winners this Saturday.


Funny story I got phone bill today with nice international call we have done this month :D

Testing eth adress: 0x1D40E8a692C4D988744390478280f00019111a75

Testnet ETH 0x73c03Df73914BC1b1d9BfBBFc87Ac30ac500e4Ce

Wordle 214 4/6


Wordle 212 X/6


So send me info you got on email or private message. Cause it looks like it’s hard to arrange call.

Week 2 of waiting for info from
PS: I started training AI model of your voice :)


Oi,, pull yer finger out and get $BLOCK listed!
- 100% decentralised
- api info provided September 2021
- listing application sent September 2021
- other newer DEXs are already listed
- form submitted from team email address


Hey if you are intrested I made guide for to mine LBC with LB1 Miner on Linux :)

New version of Watch on LBRY is out for Firefox
Make sure to update and try out URL resolver :)

RT Best pixel ever!


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