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📢 BitMart will list the LBRY Credits (LBC) on June 29!

🎉 The LBC/USDT trading pair will be available soon 👀

👉 Details:


Hey is there any way to reach you via email. Was looking around website and could not find anything :)


Playlists are getting some seasoning on, but will be available on LBRY Desktop no later than next week.



🚨 The 'Watch on Odysee' browser extension is out now for Chrome, Edge, & Firefox 🚨

How it works: if you're on YouTube 🤮 and you click a video that's also on Odysee, it'll redirect you to Odysee 🧑‍🚀 🚀 🌌



You can now trade LBRY Credits ($LBC) on Block DX!

Block DX offers completely decentralized and trustless trading via cross-chain atomic swaps.

Get started now:




Hi,, we would love to see LBRY's LBC on the Bitfinex market, we have an awesome community who would love to trade on their platform. Take a look at Odysee, its application within the protocol.


Hey and wanna work on StackOverflow on IPFS :)

RT Any plans on supporting linux for lb1?


Coming soon :)

RT If you wanna make em even more angry, explore other chains like LBC which powers!

We can sync up the SpaceX YouTube channel easily and you'll have a solid backup outside of CableTube + earn Credits for it.

🐦🔗: tip 500

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Thank you again for amazing interview
It was so much and I got you something so you can checkout and

Hi I'm sure you are bussy and might not have much time but would you like to do Interview with Freefonix Fandom. Either as live or recorded video. If you would love to do that send me message so we can arange meeting. Thank you :)


& 🥳

$LBC(LBRY) will be listed on LBank

Let's get ✨5 lucky winners to receive 🪙100 each( =$21😉)

1⃣Follow me and
2⃣RT&Like&Comment this twitter

Draw Time: April 19


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