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$LBC(LBRY) will be listed on LBank

Let's get ✨5 lucky winners to receive 🪙100 each( =$21😉)

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Sec just announced a lawsuit against @[email protected] for “selling unregistered securities”.

By their definition, almost every crypto token would be considered a security. This would destroy the US cryptocurrency industry.


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YouTube competitor @[email protected] is censorship-resistant.

Now the SEC has sued LBRY because it runs on a bitcoin-like token. The government calls it an "unregistered security."

More here: helplbrysavecrypto.com

Wish government would Stop messing with innovation

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@[email protected] @[email protected] This is the first time I’ve seen “market making” (cough) services used as evidence of “reasonable expectation of profits.”

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Animatios 🤩 Giveaway!

To celebrate the latest release I‘m giving away 10 copies of my beauty animated theme iOX Animations.

Retweet, like and follow to participate! 😎

Good luck!🍀

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Would you like a FREE $HNT miner? Enter to win a US915/EU868 BOBCAT MINER 300 (one for each region).

To Enter:
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Giveaway ends 12pm PST 3/1 and will ship out the same month🚀

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Hey @[email protected] / @[email protected], if you're going to advertise your site under the Buy button for @[email protected], at least have the coin available on your exchange. Or change it to an exchange it's actually on.

LBRY has tons of utility, users, and content creators...shame to overlook.

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COMPETITION TIME: retweet this tweet and follow us for your chance to WIN a Nebra $HNT Indoor Hotspot Miner. Proudly powered by @[email protected] and @[email protected] Entries close at 23.59 UTC 11th February. More product info at nebra.io/hntin

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the New York Times quoted me twice today (pic 3 + 4) in an article on blockchain and online censorship

blockchain and aren't controlled by the corporate press, so they're obviously white supremacy

archive link: archive.is/OeiiX

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👋 @[email protected] marines I was sneaking around your website & noticed that you are missing @[email protected] under $DEX section. It´s a REAL DEX operating on the @[email protected] Protocol. They have been around since 2014 & according to the roadmap it will be a huge year for $BLOCK 🔥

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iMessager vs WhatsApp. Apple please release iMessage for Android. WhatsApp Beaten By Apple’s New iMessage Privacy Update forbes.com/sites/zakdoffman/20 WhatsApp is collecting all your personal information including Bank and credit card info which they will sell to others.

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So glad to see @[email protected] are now officially on @[email protected]!!!

Not only can you follow your favorite on , but you can also give them direct using your $LBC!

creators, and you can too!

I hope it helps you guys!

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Get a chance to 🔥WIN the KAT Walk C VR Treadmill🔥

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