Hey @thepine64@twitter.com im doing BEng Thesis this year and would love to do project about comunication off-grid using LoRa and privacy networks like Tor and I2P. Do you think you have some hardware for that? My goal is to make secure way to comunicate with privacy in mind.


@thepine64@twitter.com Example: We have nodes A B C . Node A is offgrid with LoRa only, nodes B C have LoRa + TOR/I2P setup. User A sends message to node C but that node is too far for LoRa to reach.

But node B is in distance so it will recive message from node A (LoRa) and will try to forward it to node C (It will try to send message via Tor or I2P if that fail will broadcast message using LoRa)

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