Hey @HelloPaperspace@twitter.com do you have some bonuses for people coming from google colab pro. I'm a student working on project and Google Colab Pro just become trash. Giving bad GPU, often disconnect for inactivity, and now recaptcha. What colab was great it was afordable.

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La semana del 6 al 12 de septiembre, voy a hacer una campaña pequeña especial con .
Cada vez alguien me haga un Fav y un RT, donaré 1 euro a través de reactos.org/donate/ . Y si me adjuntáis captura de vuestra donación, 2 euros.
¡Anímate y dona!

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Australian police can now hack your device, collect or delete your data, take over your social media accounts. We must all fight for our right to privacy!

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ECIO Play To Earn Game is excited to announce . Participate in the Airdrop and get a chance to win NFT and ECIO Tokens. Limited Amount available. First come first Serve. Go to ecio.space NOW!

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I bought old Minecraft PS4 Edition cause it's soo much better. Bedrock is bloted with market system and UI was made for mobile phones. I used to play this game on my PS3. @4JStudios@twitter.com you always did amazing job :)

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A few LBRY devs spending this week together to co-work, plan, and vibe. I’ll post some recordings later in the week for a sneak peek of what we’ve been working on recently.

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How do I support LBRY:
- I run own HUB server
- I run own LBRY Web instance
- I use Desktop App
- I run seedbox for content I like and watch
- I tip to creators I like

How do you support LBRY?
If you want to support me here is my LBC adress

Do you know that you can move away from @OdyseeTeam@twitter.com an still enjoy content you like by installing @LBRYcom@twitter.com desktop app? Just go to lbry.com/get and enjoy content you love without bloated curated content + you make LBRY network stronger

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We're working on a new web-based tool to help you automatically produce configurations for AMP to run any application you want. You'll be able to easily export these configurations or share them with other people to tweak or iterate on.

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Hey @magnusfiennes@twitter.com is there any chance you have lyrics for Roborapper song :)

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Block DX v2.0 is coming…

With a redesigned UI and trading experience, BlockDX v2.0 will bring new features and improvements to the worlds most secure and decentralized exchange.

Watch the v2.0 preview video now:

$BLOCK @BlockDXExchange@twitter.com

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Hey @magnusfiennes@twitter.com if you get time check email I send you some updates on Freefonix project :)

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Have a video taking a look at my newly released World Layer System in @neos_vr@twitter.com! youtube.com/watch?v=OvYLOMrJyx

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