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Another Scammer on Fiverr preying on those who don't know any better by auto generating maps using BeatSage and claiming them as his own.

He doesn't even do a good job hiding that his maps were made by a bot but there's still people who brought from him.


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Which of these coins would you like to see supported by XLite wallet first?

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@[email protected] next month I'm doing workshops (with our University science club) about privacy and security on internet and also about decentralized networks like Tor, I2P and I would also love to include mesh technology!

Hey @[email protected] are they any problems with Apps on NC 20? Whenever I go to apps section I got hit by "504 Gateway Time-out" error.

Want to be part of @[email protected] but currently it's to expensive for me as an IT Student. Will wait till price drops or maybe @[email protected] will offer something :)

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Watch out for @[email protected] scammer! He thinks people are dumb enough to give him cashapp logins xD @[email protected] hes using your name in association also

@[email protected] mon 10 250 $dvt

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