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You can now trade LBRY Credits ($LBC) on Block DX!

Block DX offers completely decentralized and trustless trading via cross-chain atomic swaps.

Get started now: blockdx.com

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Hi, @[email protected], we would love to see LBRY's LBC on the Bitfinex market, we have an awesome community who would love to trade on their platform. Take a look at Odysee, its application within the protocol. odysee.com/@LBRYLatam @[email protected] @[email protected]

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@[email protected] @[email protected] If you wanna make em even more angry, explore other chains like LBC which powers odysee.com!

We can sync up the SpaceX YouTube channel easily and you'll have a solid backup outside of CableTube + earn Credits for it.

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Thank you again for amazing interview @[email protected]
It was so much and I got you something so you can checkout @[email protected] and @[email protected]


Hi @[email protected] I'm sure you are bussy and might not have much time but would you like to do Interview with Freefonix Fandom. Either as live or recorded video. If you would love to do that send me message so we can arange meeting. Thank you :)

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$LBC(LBRY) will be listed on LBank

Let's get ✨5 lucky winners to receive 🪙100 each( =$21😉)

1⃣Follow me and @[email protected]
2⃣RT&Like&Comment this twitter
3⃣Join t.me/LBank_en

Draw Time: April 19


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A disgusting implication of SEC vs LBRY is that if we had simply walked away in 2018 with more than $5,000,000, there would be no allegation of wrongdoing.

By continuing to improve LBRY rather than walking away, SEC says we broke law.

Perverse incentives!

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The *real* reason the U.S. is going after LBRY is because an actually working decentralized video platform to rival YouTube is too much of a threat to their control of populations.

Unfortunate for them, LBRY is a decentralized protocol, and it is, perhaps, too late.

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Sec just announced a lawsuit against @[email protected] for “selling unregistered securities”.

By their definition, almost every crypto token would be considered a security. This would destroy the US cryptocurrency industry.


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