Hey @magnusfiennes@twitter.com After so many years we are going to be able to watch all Freefonix episodes officially youtube.com/channel/UCxqwXmtyU . Have spend lot of time on remastering and making sure that episodes be public :)

Want to learn how to setup @LBRYcom@twitter.com web instance? Or want to know how to run like your own @OdyseeTeam@twitter.com join my live tomorrow to learn how :)

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We're going live with @CryptoLawUS@twitter.com, @JohnEDeaton1@twitter.com and @jeremykauffman@twitter.com discussing the SEC vs LBRY hearing today


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Hey @magnusfiennes@twitter.com having some great news! Freefonix will soon available on YouTube legally in 4K!!!

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Rockstar, Take-Two and 2K use DMCA to make sure that people cannot experience their games in VR: patreon.com/posts/68740592

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To celebrate the launch of , we're handing out 50 game codes between now and July 11!

RT, follow @StudioMDHR@twitter.com & reply with your favorite member of the trio - Cuphead, Mugman, or Ms. Chalice! Winners who don't own Cuphead will get a code for it too!

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Hey @LBRYcom@twitter.com community I'm happy to announce that Madiator.com HUB server is back online! And to celebrate this I'm running Q&A session at open.lbry.com/@Madiator2011:e/

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The Minecraft community comes to the rescue as always. A mod was made to remove your cryptographic signature from any chat messages you make on servers. Thus, making your messages impossible to track by Microsoft. curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mo

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Hey @Xbox@twitter.com I use xbox for some time. First I have started with PS3 and had many friends there. Sadly after I moved to xbox (first Xbox One S and now Series X) I could not many friends to play with. Any tips?

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There's more details on the development of LBRY Hubs, as well as instructions on how to run your own, on the LBRY technical blog

Warning: very nerdy


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Hey @YouSearchEngine@twitter.com do you think you could include option to search videos from @OdyseeTeam@twitter.com ?

Making support chatbot for @OdyseeTeam@twitter.com and @LBRYcom@twitter.com app users. Post under this post most common issues you have. Make sure to tag them :)
ex. LBRY: My app is not seeding content
Odysee: Videos keep buffer
etc :)

Hi @magnusfiennes@twitter.com we sorry again for Henry again. Hope it won’t make you see Freefonix fandom as a toxic place. Going to work with Toonz on making episodes public somehow.

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