At some point, people are going to recognize the truth about NFTs, even if along the way we waste a lot of time and money on things which will not end well.

You can catch the thread:

Or you can catch it on LBRY:

Looks like I've been at it again on Twitter, decrying the evils of and and directing people against the belief of absurdity. I just can't seem to help myself, though Hades knows I should.

As always, it's mirrored over on the network just in case I'm burned off the face of the Net.

For those following the cardinal web saga, I deleted the old files on my personal domain.
Instead you can now use for Cardinal in the web shenanigans.

All 922 modules are in! 🚀 🚀 🚀

Had a great conversation with @cameron, who is doing a fantastic job with #IPFS has challenges including speed, but there is potential. The key is democratized access via an easy client that anyone can install in their machine in a couple of clicks. Because the US already has a decent number of #IPFSPodcasting nodes, at we spun up a node in Milan (Italy), the biggest in Europe to date 🌍 🎙️ Re-hosting Podcasting 2.0 by @adam and @dave and 1.5k+ episodes from other shows

Madiator does everything. It's true. And on the Foundation Community Podcast this week, we'll reveal his latest misadventures. But things on Lbrynomics and LBRY-GTK. If it's kicking around the LBRY ecosystem, we're sniffing after.

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Every Friday, 2p ET / UTC-4, recorded live to the LBRY Foundation Discord Server and streamed live to . Hades knows what'll happen next time.

This started as a Facebook post but the Tiananmen Square massacre was simply too large to even write a short article which could do it justice. Plenty has been written on it but it was on my mind today.

Here we are. One more show in the can and a little bit of celebration for the century mark. Want to be a part of it? Lucky for you, we record the whole thing every week, no matter if you want live video including the chats and the notes ( or you just want to show itself as an audio podcast (

This week's LBRY Foundation
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What's best in life? Well, some lamentations are necessary, but we're going with a new episode of the _LBRY Foundation Community Podcast_.

**When LUNA?**

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This week we talk about all new entries into being able to create your own portal to content via the LBRY protocol. Do you want a local replacement for Desktop? We can do that. Do you want your own extremely lightweight web interface to integrate with your own site? We can do that. Are you looking to find out what SkateHive is up to? Technically, we can do that.

Just want the audio in just the show itself? Absolutely. Podcasts need love too.

Every time I write C++ it feels like the first time I'm writing C++. Memory? Allocation ? Constructors? Destructors? what goes where when and how often? Jeez louise....

I really, _really_ need to stream more, blog more, and spend more time working the socmed pipeline. It's just hard to keep up with all the moving parts in the way they deserve -- but that's rather the point.

It'd be better if Mastodon/Twitter had proper Communities to break up the firehose feed, of course.

#SoloGaming #5150FighterPilot in the #BattlestarGalactica (TRS) universe.
I've decided to play 4 training missions before starting a real campaign with a Rep4 pilot, as much for myself than for my Star, Rep3 nugget Malongo.
Here instructed (and later shot twice...) by Rep4 Lt Kiefer.
I use small custom made dashboards + dice to keep track of damage, instead of colored numbered token.

I don't know who did this, but I'm so thankfull.
I love this picture so much !
(and I'm a huge fan of this movie ❤️​)

Morality? Ethics? Philosophy? A Jedi craves not these things. But since I'm not a Jedi, I'll be playing Trolley Problem, Inc tonight at 9p Eastern on Twitch. The game has Twitch integration so you can weigh in right alongside me as we start with the traditional trolley problem and just build more nightmarishly outwards as we go. C'mon, it'll be fun.

This week's show brought to you by Rich Kids! Live your best life by emulating those with something you want -- money! People with money include the winners of ``, who'll be winning their cuts of the 15,000 LBC prize. We also shook out the narrative of Odysee's rumble with Rumble, and assorted other bits and bobs.

Want the full experience here? Easy, check out the entire livecast:

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Yesterday's livecast? Complete with short news section talking about quadratic funding, big moves in the online space, and mainstream recognition, has been posted. Plus the rather extended afterparty with a discussion of American jurisprudence and Swedish fast food. Ready for your viewing pleasure :

If you're more interested in the more condensed, more edited audio only version that only covers the show, we've got your coverage:

The only thing keeping me from switching to @lbry as my main streaming platform is that getting it on my TV is extremely annoying. I really wish there was a Samsung app for it, but I ain't not Samsung dev unfortunately.

Is anyone developing something for Samsung TVs?

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